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My Dutch top 10

Posted by Hedwig on January 9, 2008

N.B. I am still going to post an official top 10. This is the one I had to hand in for my job, without the comments because I’m too lazy to translate. It’s a top 10 of movies released in 2007 in the Netherlands, which means that No Country For Old Men, I’m Not There and The Darjeeling Limited, amongst others, were not eligible

Honorable mentions: Michael Clayton; Little Children; Paris, je t’aime; 2 Days in Paris; A Prairie Home Companion.

10. Das Leben Der Anderen (the Lives of Others)
9. El Laberinto Del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
8. Control
7. The Bourne Ultimatum (yes, I know. Kind of unsure about this one. But I do believe that this piece of pure-adrenaline film making will be hard to beat)
6. Zodiac

5. Ratatouille
4. Eastern Promises
3. Once
2. Death Proof
1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


13 Responses to “My Dutch top 10”

  1. Sabrine said

    wow – I’ve seen 3 out those 10! And still want to see one other one on the list. 😀 You can guess which ones…

  2. Chuck said

    I’ve seen everything here, except Control, and that is an honorable list indeed. I’m lukewarm on DEATH PROOF, but its one of those films that divides people, and I can understand why one could really go for it. LOVE Russell, LOVE the slow burn dread of the opening half, but the mid point transition didn’t quite work for me.

    You shouldn’t have to explain the inclusion of Bourne Ultimatum to anyone. It’s a terrific thriller, and works about as well by its own rules as any I’ve seen in a long time.

    Like the new design.

  3. sarcastig said

    @ Sabrine: I know you saw Death Proof, and I’m guessing the other two are the Bourne movie and… Ratatouille? If not the latter, it’s the film you want to see. If it is, I really don’t quite know the movie you want to see… Das Leben Der Anderen?

    @ Chuck: I had the advantage of seeing Death Proof first in its Grinhouse form, then in the longer free-standing form. I’m still not sure which I prefer: even the shorter version is on the longish side, and Planet Terror does put you in exactly the right state of mind, but one of the extra scenes in the longer version is great. Most importantly, I left the film both times feeling euphoric, kicking and punching the air, and singing “Hang up the chick habit, hang up the chick habit” etc.

    As for Bourne…it feels wrong to put a movie has so little substance (or even no substance at all) in a top 10. But you’re right, it works so well according to its own rules, and I was so with it during its entire runtime, that I couldn’t leave it out, either.

  4. Kaj said

    I like this list, especially the top spot. It needs more appreciation. Like with your nephew’s list (you can find that one here: I’d make it a link, but I don’t know my way around xhtml. At the bottom of this post I’ll try, but I’m not sure it’s gonna work.), yours has 5 in common with my own. But I’m not gonna post that one here just yet. You will be able to see it along side your own on friday at FilmTotaal.

    I do think that Bourne doesn’t warrant the mention, but not because it is a film of little substance. I just felt it didn’t work as well as it should’ve, even “by it’s own rules”. It starts of kinda slow, disjointed and seems unsure of itself, with the completely unnecessary scene with Marie’s brother as a low point, and the ending left me very disappointed (the whole explanation and the “is he dead or isn’t he” stuff). Sure, in between it’s very good, with the Tangiers section as an absolute high point of adrenaline pumping, but a body without head or feet isn’t good enough for me anymore. I liked it, but not enough as I hoped I would and expected to do. Ultimately, it’s the least of the three Bourne films to me.

  5. Paul C. said

    Don’t feel bad about including Bourne Ultimatum. If I can include a giant monster movie in my top 10, you can include a Bourne movie. After all, it’s your list, so why not pick your favorites?

  6. Just like in South Africa, we also get films late…like No Country for old Men releasing in 2008 – Now I don’t feel quite as alone.

    I cannot disagree with a single film on your list. Loved them all, especially Pan’s Labyrinth, Zodiac, Assassination of Jesse James, The Lives of Others and Once.

    Great List

  7. sarcastig said

    @Kaj: I disagree on Bourne. Maybe because I saw it in the UPI screening room, but after two, three minutes to get used to the shaky camera I was on the edge of my seat for the whole remainder of the running time.

    @Paul: sorry your comment took a while to appear, somehow it had been labeled spam. Isn’t the whole point of approving comments not needing an automatic/stupid filter? Apparently not. As for the big monster movie, I’m assuming your referring to The Host? I still need to check out that one, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    @Nick: I was lucky enough to see No Country for Old Men already in a press screening over a month ago… but yes, it remains very frustrating to have such late release dates. Even for No Country: it’s a movie that you want to see a second time immediately, but I have to wait until Valentine’s Day (well, it’ll be at the Film Festival too, and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to resist. But it would mean missing a movie that’ll probably never get a Dutch release). And despite only reading about half Craig’s blog nowadays, I still didn’t manage to dodge all the There Will Be Blood spoilers there and elsewhere. I really want to know what the stuff with the milkshake it now. But I guess I’ll just have to wait until Feb. 28 to find out.

    Thank you all for visiting! I promise to update tonight or tomorrow.

  8. You are lucky, I have to wait forever to see it!
    I know what you are saying with There Will Be Blood – I feel the same, but it is released on 8 Feb in SA, I also want to find out! Can’t wait to read more on your blog!

  9. Kaj said

    Well, if you didn’t disagree it would be weird having the movie in your list, wouldn’t it? 🙂
    If it was that much of a ride to you, than it’s got every right to be there at nr. 7. More power to you. I’m just glad we completely agree on the movie you’re next blog entry is about. Let’s just hope you don’t get treated like a water buffalo before you can use that line.

  10. Great list even without No Country. Is it just my imagination or has Jesse James grown in your estimation as the months go by? I seem to recall you recently deciding you liked it better than you did at first, but there it is at #1 for 2007!

  11. sarcastig said

    It’s strange how Assassination has grown in my estimation. It’s not that I don’t still think it falls short of being a masterpiece, but that it’s intention of being a masterpiece, and how close it gets to achieving that goal, are two things that seem more important now. The mood of it, the look and texture and sounds, they’re still with me so much. When I think about the movie, I can almost smell it, and that’s a pretty rare thing.

    That doesn’t stop me, of course, from waiting for the director’s cut that’ll truly turn it into the masterpiece it was intended to be. But hey, I’ll go for “almost a masterpiece” instead.

  12. sarcastig said

    @Nick, sorry, your comment got lost on the spam filter. Which, for some reason, YOU CAN’T TURN OFF. I’m loving WordPress so far, but this is truly bugging me.

    Anyway, enjoy No Country! Less than a month to count down 😉

  13. The spam filter on WordPress is very helpful but occasionally very very annoying. Nick is always blocked at Living in Cinema too. The only thing you can do is keep unblocking and eventually the system is supposed to ‘learn’.

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