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Good Intentions

Posted by Hedwig on February 5, 2008

Craig managed to post every day in January. To get my blog back into gear after the festival, I want to try to do the same in the coming month. I have seen 35 movies in the past two weeks alone, after all, so I should have enough material. Just to make sure I can never say to myself I don’t know what to write about, below are a few posts I intend to write. And just to make it a bit more interactive: I’ll also be taking requests.

Mind you, being a busy girl with a thesis to get back to (and even potentially an article to co-write), many reviews waiting to be written for filmtotaal and a whole new job to get into, I don’t have time to track down and watch new movies, probably not, anyway. But if you’re interested to hear my thoughts on a movie you know or suspect I’ve seen, on a certain actor, actress or director, even on something non-movie related like a TV show or music you think I might have an opinion on, suggest away in the comments!

Planned posts:

  • A piece on Edward G. Robinson I’ve had half-written for over a month
  • An overview of the 8 Pieces Uniques (movies from a one-time director) I’ve seen at the festival
  • Post on the last Coen night
  • Some more thoughts on No Country, after seeing it again, hopefully in a week and a half
  • Wrap-up Coen post
  • Review of Sweeney Todd, which I’ll be seeing Friday
  • The lure of badly written vampires, or: why I can’t stop watching Moonlight
  • An impression of the Rotterdam Film Festival
  • My ambivalence about two teen girls: Juno and Marjane in Persepolis

That oughta be enough for now, dontcha think? Now of course, I have a history of not keeping resolutions. But we’ll see how this one pans out.

6 Responses to “Good Intentions”

  1. Merijn said

    Last tuesday I went to the Sneak with several other people and saw No Country for Old Men. Overall I thought the movie was great, apart from TOMMY LEE JONES FOR NO REASON. Unless you actually care about him retelling metaphorical dreams he had.

  2. sarcastig said

    Awh, you saw it! Damn, I was counting on you to accompany me when it comes out next week…when I go to see it a second time 😉 First time was already over two months ago, I need to type a review for next week, hope I manage. Anyway, I doubt your darling girlfriend would have liked me kidnapping you on Valentine’s day anyway, and I don’t think she would have wanted to join – this might be the scariest Coen movie yet.

    Also, I disagree. Tommy Lee Jones, imho, made the movie what it was, and has rarely been greater. Yup, I dug his metaphorical dreams – aren’t all dreams metaphorical? But I already had a lengthy discussion with two co-students who agree with you (said the movie was ‘pointless’. Pschaw) this morning. I’ll write a third post about it soon. And I’m actually getting more and more curious to see if it’ll hold up on a second viewing.

  3. I’m most excited on getting your overall impressions of Rotterdam. Not just the movies, but the whole experience itself.

    Also a word of advice, keep an eye out for little ideas to help you post every day. You don’t need a long essay each time out, but sometimes just having something easy to fall back on relieves the pressure to help you write something more substantial. Also, try and plan a day or two ahead.

  4. Kaj said

    It will. Hold up that is. I liked it better second time around, actually. Might love it even more a third time.

  5. Lanchka said

    If you see In Bruges (with Farrell, Gleeson and Fiennes) I would love to hear your thoughts. I don’t think it will be released in Norway so maybe it won’t see the light of day in NL either, but how can I not want to know more about a movie that the NYT described as a piece in which “hitmen on holiday get all medieval.”

  6. sarcastig said

    I seem to already have failed… Oddly enough, it’s not even work or studies that got in the way, but my social life. Who’d have thought. I’ll update frequently though, if not necessarily every day.

    I hope In Bruges will get a release. It looks like quite a bit of fun, and interesting at that. And I REALLY should visit Bruges/Brugge sometime soon. It’s so close, but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

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