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Muriel is coming (and doesn’t she look cool)

Posted by Hedwig on February 12, 2008

Muriel Awards

Just to remind you that the Muriel Awards start tomorrow, you can admire Craig‘s photoshopping talent above.

Incidentally, I recently bought the DVD of the original movie for a mere 2 euros, and I’m considering (once I wrap up the Coen series, which I WILL do soon, I promise) a Soderbergh series next.

6 Responses to “Muriel is coming (and doesn’t she look cool)”

  1. Paul C. said

    The Limey is one of my favorite one-sheets, like, ever. So while I’m still not sure about the idea of Muriel smoking, I’m pretty stoked that Craig picked this one after all of the classics he’s already used.

    I only wish I could find a real Limey one-sheet for less than $50 online…

  2. Paul C. said

    Also, it would be harder for you to get away with describing Muriel with a cigarette as “cool” if you were in the States. With all the outcry over smoking in movies, I can’t remember the last time I saw a one-sheet that showed someone with a cigarette. Was it really The Limey? That’s almost a decade, folks.

  3. As one of the cooler one-sheets in an era when one-sheets usually aren’t that cool anymore (not to mention a great movie), I pretty much had to tackle The Limey. Plus I was drawn to the challenge of it.

  4. Nick Plowman said

    A Soderbergh series sounds like it would be fun, hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Craig, maybe they should get you to do one-sheets for all the good films, I mean, I am tired of seeing all the crap that “they” come up with, and your creations or “photoshopisms” are actually pretty awesome, this one especially.

  5. beautiful photoshopping indeed.

  6. Thanks RC. Having a great poster to start with made all the difference.

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