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Lost in the mist

Posted by Hedwig on February 18, 2008

One of the reasons (read: excuses) I haven’t posted once a day like I resolved is that all of a sudden, I seem to have developed a rather active social life. Yeah, I don’t know how that happened either. Anyhow, this means I did not watch a movie tonight, but went to a very nice café that has live music on Mondays. Why is this relevant? It isn’t really, but when I came out of the café the world had turned magical. Like a fairy tale, like my friend V. said. There was fog everywhere, rising up from the street, and the view of the old canal with beautiful, wiry old trees on both sides and the reflection of the old-fashioned streetlights in the water was simply amazing, and we could even hear the bells in the distance. As I biked under the Dom, looking up and not seeing the top, barely even being able to discern the clock (unfortunately, it was 5 past midnight. 5 minutes earlier would have truly made it perfect), it felt like I stepped right into a movie.

Which got me to thinking: what are the best fog scenes ever made? Or rather, what are your favorite misty scenes? I’ll start, and take the obvious off the table: the final scene of Casablanca remains one of the most powerful end scenes ever filmed, no matter how often it’s been parodied. Soderbergh did his best in the Good German, but he didn’t even get close.

Dear readers, the floor is open to you now, and I’m looking forward to your reactions!


6 Responses to “Lost in the mist”

  1. Kaj said

    The opening and closing scenes of Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood are the the first that spring to mind, but I’m sure there’s lot’s of great noir fog scenes. Isn’t Xanadu, Charles Foster Kane’s estate, always surrounded by fog?

    Is it possible to hotlink pictures in these reactions? If so, how?

  2. Okay I’m officially off the feed view. Now for me, the first scenes that come to mind are the Universal horror movies of the thirties and forties. The best fog/mist scenes in those would have to be The Wolfman even though it’s not my favortie of the Universal horror movies. First of all, I love that the movie is barely over an hour long and secondly that most of the second half takes place on a mist filled forest set.

    And speaking of Kurosawa (from Kaj I mean) I love the mist (or is it smoke from battle?) covering the land in the battle scenes in Ran.

  3. sarcastig said

    I’m afraid another huge gap in my cinematic education is showing here: I’ve never seen anything by Kurosawa. I really should, at least Ran, Yojimbo and The Seven Samurai. And from that picture, Throne of Blood seems like it’s worth seeing too.

    Talking of Universal horror, I think most of them have fog as soon as the story goes outside. I’m fairly sure there’s some fog in Frankenstein, in any case.

    Another horrorish movie I remember is Sleepy Hollow. The fog hanging between the trees, the headless horseman jumping out from it… I need to watch that film again sometime.

  4. Kaj said

    You can borrow everyone of those titles except Ran, which I haven’t got. And I strongly recommend Ikiru, his masterpiece in my opinion.

  5. Great call on Throne of Blood, Kaj!

    Other fog scenes aren’t jumping into my mind, but I’ll be back when I come up with a good one…

  6. Chuck said

    I second the good call on Throne of Blood, that’s also one of the must see Kurosawas. Kaj, I need to see Ikiru again because, truthfully, it didn’t particularly move me with the exception, of course, being that ending. But I’m reserving that opinion, I’m not sure I gave the picture its full due.

    Does The Third Man have fog?

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