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And the Oscar goes to…

Posted by Hedwig on February 25, 2008

Oh, you all know who the oscars went to by now. I’m too lazy to duplicate here the results you’ve probably already read in at least five other places, and since I didn’t watch the broadcast I have no comment on Jon Steward, endless montages or acceptance speeches. But I wanted to open a forum anyway, so here are some stray thoughts

  • I wasn’t offended by ANY of the choices, which is truly remarkable. I mean, I thought Blanchett gave a more impressive performance than Tilda Swinton, but she already has a couple golden men, and Swinton gave a great performance that deserves recognition. As for best Actress, I only saw two of the nominated performances, so I didn’t really have a great preference in that category. And well, La Môme/La Vie en Rose was a huge mess of a movie, but Cotillard threw herself into the role and was such a gracious, charming winner, so over the moon with her award, that I couldn´t possibly begrudge her winning it.
  • It was a mess of a movie though. On the radio, the film was described as telling the life of Edith Piaf from her origins singing on the streets to her addiction and demise later in life, and I found myself thinking, “I wish!”. Was all that jumping back in forth in time really necessary? I’m glad it won best make-up, though, because it truly would have been a disgrace if Norbit had won both 3 Razzies and an Oscar.
  • I thought the script for Juno was all-too-smug, with too many references, and that the actors were to be admired for making it work. Still, the whole backlash against Diablo Cody makes me want to get behind her, and in any case, I’m happy one of the nominated women won, and for a movie with an uncompromising girl at its center.
  • No Country For Old Men won! Of course, I won’t be able to say if that’s truly deserved until Thursday, when I finally get to see Daniel Day-Lewis in action, but it was by far my favorite among the four nominees I’d seen, and it was a great group to be the best of. And the Coens won too! And for adapted screenplay! And Bardem’s haircut did too!
  • … but Roger Deakins didn’t win. Admittedly, I thought his work on The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was even better, but I’m a little sad that he didn’t get anything. I suppose his day will come. And from what I’ve seen, the cinematography in There Will Be Blood is nothing to be laughed at, either.
  • Falling Slowly won! I liked Enchanted, but the music was highly forgetable, and this was one of the few categories where any other winner would have left me disappointed. So go Glenn & Marketa!

So, any thoughts? For a full list of winner, see (for instance) the official page

EDIT: and then I forgot about my real goal for this post… which is to remind you that the Muriels are still on, and will be for another week, so don’t forget to check Paul’s site every day! My #1 picks for best supporting actor & actress already won, as did my top picks for screenplay & cinematography, but my streak isn’t likely to continue: I didn’t pick Daniel Day-Lewis for the simple reason that I haven’t seen There Will Be Blood yet, and I’m guessing my #1 pick for best actress won’t win either.

8 Responses to “And the Oscar goes to…”

  1. Kaj said

    I ended up watching it. Stewart really disappointed me, most of the time he really wasn’t funny while trying to be. I liked it when he got ‘caught playing Wii with a little girl’, but that’s about it. Add to that the lack of real surprises (both female ‘upsets’ were precendented at the BAFTA’s, so I half expected those, and I had some hope for a TWWB upset) and I was once again wondering at 6 am why I stayed up for it the whole night…

  2. sarcastig said

    It’s true, there weren’t many upsets – though I would qualify Swinton as one, since almost all the critics awards were distributed between Cate Blanchett and Amy Ryan. But is that necessarily a bad thing? I definitely could have done without the Crash upset it 2005. As for TWBB, I’ll get back to you on Friday.

    Anyway, I decided not to stay up, I wasn’t even sure if it would work watching through the internet, and well, I went to bed at 5 on Friday and at 2 on Saturday, so I kind of collapsed around 11 pm last night. I did watch Intolerable Cruelty, which was quite a bit better than I remembered: still a trifle (which is why I picked it, I didn’t feel up for anything complex), but a fun one, with some great banter between Clooney (who does mug a bit too much) and Zeta-Jones. And it’s refreshing to see a “romantic” comedy with an ending that’s both happy and devoid of any empty sentimentality. I still think it’s a rather forgettable Coen, but I was reminded that even forgettable Coen ain’t half-bad.

  3. I’ve got no complaints about the broadcast or the winners and I’m quite thrilled with a lot of them. There were a couple of modest surprises, but nothing that left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I’m a little relieved the whole thing is over so we can get back to the business of simply watching and enjoying movies.

  4. sarcastig said

    I know what you mean, Craig. All movie blogs seem to have been taken over by Oscar frenzy, and it’s nice to go back to something a little more calm and diverse.

  5. Nick Plowman said

    I am so glad for Diablo Cody’s win – for me, Juno just had to win something.
    I agree with Craig too, but I always feel a little empty when the Oscars are over. My blog is a film award + movie review and commentary blog, and it’s the Oscars that really get ordinary” – that sounds mean, but I mean it in a good way – people interested in film.

    I too would like to get on with life and enjoy films for what they are, and not focus only on their awards prospects and possibilities. Most of the nominated films have opened in South Africa now, with a few exceptions, so I can enjoy some real film-treats in the coming weeks – so all is not lost!

  6. sarcastig said

    Well, now that you’ve caught up with No Country, I’ve lost my advantage on you 😉 But I know, it’s terrible to get all the awards movies so long after the hype, but it’s also nice to have them just a little bit more spread out, with something to look forward to in the first three months of the year.

  7. lol! Have you seen There Will Be Blood yet? I cannot wait to.

    It is nice to have them spread out, for example, every weekend until the end of March something good opens. So I am excited. Well worth the wait I hope.

  8. sarcastig said

    Not yet, not yet, tonight though! And yes, it’s nice to have them spread out a little, but it does make reading blogs frustrating, because you have to constantly battle your curiosity, and it’s hard to see any of the big movies as “fresh” as I’d like.

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