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Directing you to the Muriels once more

Posted by Hedwig on February 26, 2008

That little guinea pig is getting to the big ones, starting with Best Director. It was a tight race, with #’s 1 and 2 getting an equal amount of votes, but the Coen brothers were four point behind… Well, if you know it’s not the Coens, you’ll know who it is, and you’ll understand why I really cannot wait until Thursday. Number 3 wasn’t too far behind, but the rest of the votes was distributed among an impressive number of worthy contenders.

My own votes went to 1. the Coens, 2. Todd Haynes, 3. Wes Anderson (yup, I was that lone vote) , 4. David Fincher and 5. Joe Wright, mostly because I felt bad about him getting snubbed at the Oscars for Jason Reitman.

Don’t forget to also check out the Best Cinematic Moment Muriels: the votes are, obviously, all over the place, but that category is a great way of re-living some of the nicest scenes. My votes were very similar to this post on the old blog, and added to that

  • the moment that should get the award for “greatest use of Adrien Brody’s limbs – ever”: his running for the train in The Darjeeling Limited
  • Juno telling her dad and stepmom about her pregnancy – see, I don’t hate Juno!

Biggest surprise? I was the only one who mentioned that great scene in the fog at the beginning of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, with Jesse James waiting for the train to arrive. Simply breathtaking. I’m still waiting for the director’s cut of that one, incidentally. And if anyone feels like sending it to me as a late, late birthday present, I won’t stop you 😉


8 Responses to “Directing you to the Muriels once more”

  1. Kaj said

    There’s a director’s cut of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford? Interesting…

    I love that Dominik & Haynes made the top 5, by the way.

  2. sarcastig said

    Oh, sorry, I must have phrased that wrong. I’m waiting for it, in the sense that I’m fairly sure there will be one some day (after all the talk of studio interference and the endless tinkering), and that the film can still be improved. So far, the only DVD release is a very bare-bones one. It seems like this movie is the perfect type of film to get a Director’s Cut or some kind, or an expanded/altered release, so I’m not going to shell out the big bucks for this DVD, which as far as I can tell has no extras whatsoever.

  3. Nick Plowman said

    I would love to get it on directors cut – marvellous film.

    As for PTAs Muriel win, good for him, the Coen’s won at the Oscars, his recognition is deserved, or so I think.

  4. Wes Anderson! Hedwig, you’re kind of my hero.

  5. sarcastig said

    Hihi, thanks 🙂

    I just love the guy…even if I still think that The Life Aquatic becomes a mess after a brilliant first hour.

    I do sometimes doubt whether I’m hip enough to be allowed to like him, though. Like the other members of the cult will deem me unworthy. Oh well. Never was one for cults, anyway.

  6. I love his work to, seriously. Rushmore? I could watch it every day of the week. I did not enjoy Life Aquatic much, but that was my fault, not Andersons. Darjeeling was a breathe of fresh air, I also loved Tenenbaums a lot…..and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” better be good, or else. Who am I kidding – it is going to rock.

  7. I am sorry, but did I forget to mention “Bottle Rocket”? – thats my fav of his.

  8. sarcastig said

    Bottle Rocket is lovely, I rewatched it not too long ago and it’s adorable in all its scruffiness. It took me a second viewing to really appreciate Rushmore, so maybe I should give The Life Aquatic another chance – I did win it on DVD after all, so I have no excuse. And my favorite? That’s gotta be Tenenbaums

    I’m looking forward to The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but it was announced something like 4 years ago now, so I’m not holding my breath.

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