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There Will Be…

Posted by Hedwig on March 5, 2008

… a post on PTA’s grand opus. Tomorrow. I think it’ll be good to let my brain process the images and sounds – God, the sounds! – in dreams tonight before I even try to write anything. Let things gel a little. Also/mostly I’m too tired and overwhelmed/confused to make any kind of sense right now.

Before I turn in though (say it with me now: uh-oh) let me just say one thing: I am extremely happy that I did not succumb to the temptation to use my 100 mbit connection for nefarious purposes. The movie was worth the wait, and despite the rebellious hair on the head of the guy just in front of me (the infuriating tuft kept poking right into the bottom of my field of view) I wouldn’t have wanted to see it any other way. The cinema is the only place to see grandiose, operatic, insane works like these: where the images loom large and both the awe-inspiring score and Daniel Plainview’s roar can come to you unfiltered, undimmed, without any distraction. A movie this big, with this kind of ambition, you just can’t experience if it’s scaled down in any way.

(so, film studios: can you now make sure the legal DVD’s I buy no longer have that awful anti-piracy clip? Pretty please?)

Ok. Bed now. Dream of atheism and bowling pins, milkshakes and oil, lots and lots of oil.

9 Responses to “There Will Be…”

  1. cjKennedy said


    “I’m too tired and overwhelmed/confused to make any kind of sense right now.”

    That sounds very familiar. It’s a lot to swallow all at once. I recommend a rest, a deep breath, then you run out and see it again. Believe it or not, it actually gets better the second time.

    I’m thrilled you weren’t disappointed after all this time and your enthusiasm makes me want to run out and see it again.

  2. Kaj said

    I saw it for the second time last sunday, and I can only assent to CjKennedy’s comment. Also, I remember it took me quite a couple of days to wrap my head around the film after the first viewing… I look forward to your next post about TWWB.

  3. Paul C. said

    It’s pretty typical for a PTA film to take more than one viewing to register in my experience. The last of his I really felt like I got on the first go-around was Boogie Nights, which has mostly held steady in my esteem upon subsequent viewings. The films that come after it have all fluctuated, mostly in a positive direction. In particular, I went from being respectful but hardly loving to Punch-Drunk Love to thinking it was a masterpiece.

  4. It warms my heart to find another fan of Punch-Drunk. I was oddly smitten with it from the get-go, but I won’t claim I knew exactly what to make of it. It’s grown on me over time.

    Glad your experience fits my theory Kaj. My first viewing I was kind of stunned and overwhelmed. I knew that Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing, but I couldn’t get my mind around what it all added up to. The 2nd time, once I knew where his character arc was going, I could focus on things at the beginning that went over my head the first time through.

  5. hmmm…weird that I was cjkennedy before and now I’m Craig Kennedy…

  6. Kaj said

    PTA’s films always get better with repeated viewings in my experience. Which why I really should watch Boogie Nights again sometime, that one time when I was 16 probably didn’t do it justice. I really started loving Sidney/Hard Eight & Punch-Drunk Love a second/third time around, and Magnolia became a masterpiece (although since TWWB that status might have to be reconsidered) the third time around.

  7. You are so lucky! I cannot wait to hear/read your thoughts on it tomorrow, or whenever you are finished processing it. I can’t speak for this film, but I know I felt/feel the same way in terms of No Country.

    Blood opens on Friday – and I am not sure I can make it this weekend, but the first chance I get, I in that line to see “PTA’s grand opus.”

  8. sarcastig said

    Nick, I can’t wait for your response. And Craig, I finally read your review, and let me just say, you drink my milkshake. Ok, ok, the phrase is ridiculously overused and I know you don’t want to join the cult, but I couldn’t help myself 😉

    The only PTA film I’ve seen more than once is actually Magnolia, and it’s kind of to diminishing returns. I appreciate individual scenes a whole lot more now, but as a whole the film’s just too exhausting: not only because it’s so sprawling but because it’s so high in emotion for the whole running time. I enjoyed Boogie Nights quite a bit, need to see it again, but the true embarrassing confession is that I haven’t seen his other two films: Hard Eight/Sydney because it’s not very available (i.e. can’t remember it being on TV, and haven’t seen it at the rental store), and Punch-Drunk Love because I really, REALLY don’t like Adam Sandler…but I’m thinking of putting that aside sometime soon.

  9. cjKennedy said

    Worn as it may be, I will take that phrase in compliment from you any time Hedwig. Thank you.

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