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Posted by Hedwig on March 7, 2008

I am… amazed. Flabbergasted. And somewhat intimidated, seeing how every word I write now will be weighed against the fact THAT I WAS QUOTED IN THE F***ING WASHINTON TIMES.

Ahem. Excuse the yelling, But you’ll understand this has me slightly psyched. Or, you know, absolutely manic with glee. The jumping up and down and grinning uncontrollably kind.

I almost feel I need to give some kind of acceptance speech. Thanking Paul, for organizing the Muriels and making it such an inspiring environment, his friend Victor for apparently pulling some strings, and Craig for devoting a post to my little triumph!

7 Responses to “Quoted”

  1. Chuck said

    Congratulations! The passage you contributed is wonderful too.

  2. You make us all look bad! Jokes.

    Well Done, the passage was wonderful.

  3. Your writing speaks for itself Hedwig. Congrats.

  4. Alison Flynn said

    Congratulations, Hedwig. Excellent write-up!

  5. Kaj said

    That’s impressive. And all kinds of awesome.

  6. sarcastig said

    Thank you all for the kind words! And Paul and Victor, once again, for helping me get a copy.

  7. Merijn said


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