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Blogging Buffy: 2.01 – 2.05

Posted by Hedwig on May 14, 2008

Let’s dive right in!

2.01 When She Was Bad

You’re a vampire. Oh, I’m sorry, was that an offensive term? Should I say “undead American”? Buffy

Buffy’s back from summer break, and she’s suddenly a bitch. Which, in teenage terms, means she calls Cordelia a moron, rubs up against Xander, and wants to kill a lot of vampires. Not all that terrible, really, but enough that it puts her friends in danger, and makes Angel all that more attracted to her. It’s a nice start-up to the season, with many cool quotes (I like bitchy!Buffy) but it’s really just warming up.

2.02 Some Assembly Required

“Sorry, but I’m an old fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and the women have the babies.” Buffy

Love makes you do the wacky, indeed. Buffy has never been shy about its influences, and this is (the first) episode based on Frankenstein. To be precise, it’s based on Bride of Frankenstein. Except with football players. And cheerleaders being used for body parts.

What I love about Buffy is how it both acknowledges existing gender roles and even accepts them to a certain extent (see the quote above), but at the same time, it subtly subverts them. Like how Giles agonizes over how to ask Ms. Calendar out on a date…only to have her ask him, instead, without him even noticing. Or how Willow is the science nerd. Or how Angel is much more open about his feelings and vulnerable while Buffy puts up a hard shell.

2.03 School Hard

“If every vampire who said he was at the crucifixion was actually there, it would have been like Woodstock. I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. I fed off a flower person, and I spent the next six hours watching my hand move.” Spike

Spike! (she squealed). In fact, I did squeal, several time. What can I say, I just love me some Spike (that came out wrong…) He’s basically bad-ass: he wears a long leather coat, says few things that aren’t sarcastic, and he has no patience for silly rituals.

The fun thing? Buffy doesn’t dread him half as much as she does the Parent-Teacher night at her school. And when the two are combined… well, it makes for one bloody mess. With as a most interesting detail that it’s revealed Snyder might actually know a thing or two about vampires. And the big lesson, oft-repeated in the Buffyverse, that you need family and friends to make sure you don’t get eaten.

2.04 Inca Mummy Girl

“That’s great! You’re not a praying mantis, are you? Sorry, someone else” Xander

Poor Xander. He really doesn’t get lucky in the girl department. The girl he mainly likes is a vampire slayer who he doesn’t stand a chance with, the teacher who wanted to take his virginity turned out to be a praying mantis, and when he finally finds a nice, pretty girl his own age who likes him… well, see the title for the big reveal on that. Kisses are deadly, even for boys.

2.05 Reptile Boy

Buffy: I told one lie, I had one drink.
: Yes, and you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon snake. The words “let that be a lesson” are a tad redundant at this juncture.

The lesson of this week? Sixteen year-old girls, stay away from frat boys! Even if they’re nice to you, all they want is to get you drunk and take advantage of you…by feeding you to the reptile beast they keep in the basement and who ensures them riches.

And with that valuable lesson, I’ll conclude this installment of Blogging Buffy. Next time: the first Halloween episode, Giles’ dark secret, and best of all: more Spike!


One Response to “Blogging Buffy: 2.01 – 2.05”

  1. Kaj said

    Can’t wait. Buffy is always good, and more Spike even better.

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