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Sunday Reading #4

Posted by Hedwig on June 15, 2008

Late, I know. So let’s get on with it.

I linked to Lauren Wissot’s piece on Marnie before. This week, she analyzes an S&M-like scene in another movie, David Lynch’s Wild at Heart. Which I still haven’t seen, but I absolutely want to now.

Furthermore, there’s been a lot of discussion about all kinds of criticism lately. Movie criticism most of all, especially considering the recent spate of firings, but the question “what is film criticism good for and what should its goals be” can be easily applied to other fields of criticism as well. And one thin that’s oft overlooked is that criticism can just be incredibly fun to read, even if you don’t have much interest in knowing whether something is good or not. For instance, while I think Palahniuk’s books are relatively entertaining with diminishing returns, my opinion doesn’t really matter: this piece by Lucy Ellman is fun to read even if you have no clue who Chuck Palahniuk is.

(is it bad that I’m kind of looking forward to Choke nonetheless?)

In the same vein: even people with no interest in superhero movies can, I’m fairly certain, enjoy this Hulk review. I can just see the reviewer angrily gloating while he typed it out.

For your viewing tip (or rather tips) of the week, how could I not point you to IFC’s 50 worst sex scenes in cinema?

That’s it. Happy Father’s Day, and if you want to understand my current state of mind about my future, this strip pretty much sums it up.

One Response to “Sunday Reading #4”

  1. Joe Valdez said

    I enjoyed your To Be or Not To Be take on whether film critics are still valid or not. I have really enjoyed reading people of all backgrounds and spelling handicaps describe The Happening and how awful it is. Your comment reminds me what I need to get back to in my own writing, which is it should be fun to read. Thanks, Hedwig.

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