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A Sunday read

Posted by Hedwig on June 22, 2008

(Note: I tried to make this Courier, as it should be. WordPress didn’t agree)

EXT: Day

A house. Light-colored, slightly yellowish, with a slanted roof. It stands alone, and it’s quiet. It’s a sunny day, clearly the afternoon. The air is hazy.

A car. It’s first heard, then seen coming up the driveway. Out of it step a middle-aged MAN (dark hair, avergage heigh and build, jeans) and a twenty-something GIRL (blonde, also in jeans, sunglasses). The girl streches, lets her arms fall back. She points up with one finger.

GIRL: hear that?
MAN: what?

The girl smiles

GIRL: the sound of my holiday feeling kicking in.

INT: Day

The inside of the house. It’s dark. A key in the lock, and the door opens, letting a bright triangle of light in. The two step inside. The girl tries the switch, but nothing happens.

MAN: Wait, I need to get the main switch first. You open the shutters for some light. Well, just a little. Let’s try to keep the heat out.

The man walks away to another room, the girl opens a few shutters, letting in narrow bundles of sunlight, revealing the interior. They’re in the kitchen slash livingroom. It’s simple, with clean lines and bright colors. The light flickers to life, and the man comes back.

MAN: There.

The girl wanders around. Runs her finger along the countertop.

GIRL: I can’t believe this house. It’s been, what, eight, nine months since we’ve been here? It’s not even a little dusty!
MAN (distractedly): Uh-huh.

The girl walks around some more. In the background we hear a click, then dialing. The girl opens a door, takes a step inside. She’s now in a dimly lit storage space, with some brooms, a boiler, some cabinets.

MAN (off-screen): Hey!
MAN (off-screen): Yeah, we’re here.

The girl flicks a dead fly off a countertop. Then she sees, a bit further, three more dead flies.

The girl frowns

MAN (off-screen): No, no, everything went fine. Some rain on the way, but it’s great here. Sweltering.

The girl looks down.

GIRL (soft, but sharp): Je-sus.

Her POV: the floor is littered with a hundred or so black spots. Corpses. Fly corpses. She turns around, and sees that she’s been standing in the middle of a big pile.

GIRL (louder): JEsus.

Shyamaladingdong*’s next project? I dunno, but eerie to experience it was. All the flies are safe inside the belly of the vacuum cleaner now, luckily. Now if only we could find the origin of the strange creaking and scratching in the attic….

Next week there will be a normal Sunday reading. I only had a few links now, and I decided to save them up, instead. In the meantime: greetings from the sunny south of France, and I hope you’ll like this deviation from the routine!

(*copyright CJKennedy)

2 Responses to “A Sunday read”

  1. Daniel said

    South of France!?!? You Europeans and your breezy holidays…good for you.

    By the way, that dialogue is much better than anything dingdong has written.

  2. That was cool! I mean not that you were knee deep in flies, but I always enjoy the creative side of you. More please.

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