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Sunday Reading

Posted by Hedwig on July 20, 2008

What, really? A new Sunday reading? Can it be?

I am really embarrassed my blogging has been so spotty and sketchy lately. But let’s get on with three weeks of saved up links!

That I love the Onion A.V. Club is no secret. But it’s easy sometimes to miss the gems hidden in the blog. Like this treatise, by the great Nathan Rabin, on Matthew McConaughey and the Perils of Male Beauty. It is, in internet terms, ridiculously old, but it’s worth a read. And speaking of McConaughey (who one of my study mates absolutely adores), I would be remiss if I didn’t link to the Family Guy clip in which Stewie tries to tell Matthew McConaughey he sucks (“a lot of effort for nothing”), but it seems to have been taken down everywhere. You can listen to it here though.

Anyway, who says we should only read new things, and reviews of new movies? The new releases, especially in the summer, pass so quickly. I’d post about Hancock or Kung Fu Panda, and I still might, but it feels like the discussion’s already over, and I’ll get “so” late to The Dark Knight (seeing it on Thursday, if all goes well) and Wall-E (released here on the 30th) that joining the fray at that point seems rather pointless. In the process, much good writing is all too quickly forgotten. For instance, in a review of Elvis Mitchell’s new interview show for TCM, I found a link to his Pirates of the Caribbean review. And even so many years after, it’s absolutely worth reading.

Then, because there was a William Holden retrospective somewhere, there’s two great pieces about him. The second one is from the moving image source, which is a true treasury for the movie lover. They go for quality rather than quantity, and it pays off, like with this wonderful piece about Catherine Deneuve, Belle de Siècle.

I haven’t been much of a writer at all lately, let alone a critic. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take MovieZeal’s 10 tips to become a better movie critic (pt. 2 is here) to heart. Most of them (probably even all of them) are easier said then done, but then, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun. Right? One thing, in any case, that seems essential to me for any critic to be interesting is to dare to go against the grain every once in a while. Which is why I admire Larry’s defense of Woody Allen’s “later, pretty-good ones“. Read it before it’s gone: Larry doesn’t believe in archiving.

Speaking of getting there before it’s gone: today’s the last day to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I’m willing to pay for it if it’s ever released on DVD, but until then, enjoy Dr. Hammer’s antics and Dr. Horrible’s sad songs one more time here.

Finally: some odds and ends. How Pauline Kael might have had a hand in paving the way for Will Smith’s movies. Hollywood’s Hero Deficit. And how cinematic sex changed from Don’t Look Now to Puffball.

As for the viewing tip of the week, I should think it’s obvious by now.

These are not the Hammer

Captain Hammer


2 Responses to “Sunday Reading”

  1. Not having you blogging regularly sucks for us Hedwig, but as the me part of us, I hope you’re busy enjoying the hell out of life.

  2. What Craig said.

    That article from the Guardian about sex in cinema through the prism of Roeg is rather fascinating.

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