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Gossip Girl: Summer Kind of Wonderful (S02E01)

Posted by Hedwig on September 2, 2008

I know, I know, when it rains, it pours. But I just watched last night’s episode of Gossip Girl, and while I don’t think any comment I might make will have the entertainment value of the Daily Intel recap, I’d like to indulge in a little OMFG!!! and assorted thoughts.

Beware: there be spoilers

My two favorite characters

I think I’ve said before that one thing I love about Gossip Girl is that it’s like a soap opera, except it condenses plotlines that would take months into a single episode. But what I also like is that, while being pure camp on one level, the actors play it fairly straight. It’s melodramatic alright, but they’re not winking at the camera. Like real teenagers, they’re fully absorbed in their own problems.

This episode offered us some choice Chuck outfits, manipulation on many sides, yet another kiss seen by just the wrong person, new hairdos (not all of them succesful), and a “normal”  American boy who turns out to be a liar. You see, he’s really… a British Lord with an entirely unconvincing accent, who faked being a “normal” american (the quotemarks is because he pretends to attend either Princeton or Georgetown), who didn’t want girls to like him because he was a lord.

Of course.

And, of course, he loves that Blair calls him boring, but totally missed the fact that she wasn’t interested in him as anything but jealousy-inducer until he revealed his secret identity.

Like GG says: “Ain’t life a bitch. We know Blair Waldorf is”.

Meanwhile, Chuck (who has a P.I. on speed dial) is getting it on with Portugese triplets, Nate got himself a married cougar (who tells him he has the choice between jumping out the window or hiding under the bed when her husband oh so unexpectedly shows up), Dan’s trying to get over Serena by sleeping around, and Serena’s just mopey.

I gotta say though: the thing I found hardest to buy?  Dan couldn’t write his story because he hasn’t “dealt with [his] feelings about how [he] ended it with Serena”. I mean come on! Unresolved feelings? That’s exactly why you write. Resolved feelings don’t yield interesting stories at all.

But other things are perfect. For instance, the enormous cliche pile is topped off with this delightful dash of corniness: Chuck can’t say “I love you”. I mean, admittedly, they’re just words, and I don’t think there’s anyone outside of movies who truly chokes on it. But in the world of Gossip Girl? It almost rings true.

2 Responses to “Gossip Girl: Summer Kind of Wonderful (S02E01)”

  1. God I love this show, I cannot wait to start watching season 2, just finished watching season 1 again.

  2. jizzka said

    haha, totally agree with everything you said. I made a recap of this ep on my blog. The last Dan and Serena scene was like a scene from a trashy romance novel. The only thing missing was Dan’s version of the “Fabio hair.” =)

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