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Butch Cassidy is dead

Posted by Hedwig on September 27, 2008

…but he will live on in the countless movies he made, and in the memories of many cinephiles – and those of admirers of beautiful men.

He will be missed.

3 Responses to “Butch Cassidy is dead”

  1. I will miss him a lot, and I will cherish the films of his that I own on DVD. Sigh

  2. wondersinthedark said

    Yes, indeed Hedwig–and the end of an era. As he was so active in charities (he gave millions through his food company) he was extremely likeable as a person as well. And his film career is the sort of story legends are based on. Everyone knew it was coming, but the announcement was no less devastating.

  3. Sam Juliano said

    The above post was written by me, Sam Juliano

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