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In Bruges

Posted by Hedwig on December 6, 2008

I saw In Bruges for the second time tonight, and I was once more left very impressed by its structure, more so even than the first time. There isn’t a wasted word or action here: everything comes back, everything has a consequence, and nothing – however unexpected – happens without being foreshadowed.


It’s quite amazing. There are lines about giving ketamine to a dwarf that you assume are a joke but turn out not to be, a recurring theme about suicidal midgets is very relevant thematically, and even the ridiculous dialogue about a war between blacks and whites has a purpose,  leading to a revelation that explains Ken’s allegiance to Harry.

In Bruges is a fairly bloody movie, and I was a little afraid the swearing would turn my mom off (she doesn’t mind grisly murders, but doesn’t see the use of  excessively using the f-word), but this movie shows that you can be crude and violent but literary and carefully crafted at the same time, and she loved it (the beautiful pictures of Brugge helped). I tend to stick away from naming anything ‘pomo’, but this absolutely is, without losing its heart (or should I say conscience) in hip posturing and needless references, and now that I’ve seen it again, I think I have to list it among my favorites of 2008 so far.


5 Responses to “In Bruges”

  1. Kaj said

    I’m still not sold on this one. Yes, there’s great dialogue and all that, but I found the mix of comedy and tragedy to be very uneasy and uneven. As a result, I never really got drawn into the tragedy part, while the comedy didn’t always work for me.

  2. François said

    Ditto what Kaj said.

  3. I adore this film. I can’t wait to see it for the third time myself. I also think Colin gives his best performance yet.

  4. benji said

    great film the relationship between the leading actors is amazing so natural, colin farrell was oscar worthy! effortless black comedy loved it! ralf fiennes smashed it he was hillarious! coolest midget ever! {dwarf} lol

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