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Podcasting – let’s try this again

Posted by Hedwig on March 8, 2009

Ok, as promised: the boyfriend and I made a podcast. It’s still a little amateurish, but the sound quality is already quite a bit better than my first attempt, and: you can either listen to it live, here, or even subscribe using iTunes by adding this feed. We should get an intro music soon, and things ought to get smoother later, but until then: a ten minute discussion about Watchmen. Enjoy!

Listen to this episode

7 Responses to “Podcasting – let’s try this again”

  1. Lanchka said

    Oh, it’s so cool to hear your voice! I really hope that you do more of these. Anyway, after listening to your review, I’m putting Watchmen on my “to see” list.

  2. “I will be representing the more explosion loving half of the audience”

    hahah…that was awesome.

    I loved hearing your two completely different perspectives on this movie. It was like sitting down to coffee after a movie with you guys and chatting it up…even though I couldn’t talk myself 😦

  3. Lanchka said

    Yeah, back again with a comment that’s no more eloquent than my first one, but just wanted to say that I totally agree with Craig about how it felt like sitting down to coffee and chatting with you guys. It was pretty amazing how much quotable dialogue you packed into those 10 minutes too!

  4. joel said

    Great stuff there, Hedwig. I loved the Siskel and Ebert-esque exchange, especially since you didn’t agree on the particulars but you both explained yourselves well and brought the funny.

    I look forward to the next episode.

  5. sarcastig said

    Thank you all for the comments! The podcast was a lot of fun to make, and I’m glad it’s also fun to listen to. Episode 2 should be coming in a few weeks!

  6. Kaj said

    I agree with the above comments. And really wanted to butt in from time to time. The difference in accents also appeals to me, for some reason.

  7. I too agree with the earlier comments. I love Dutch accents, and you truly do have a soothingly pleasing and beautiful voice. I can hear why your dream of being on the radio is well-founded.

    I enjoyed hearing from your boyfriend, and the friendly debate you had on the film was involving and fun. Like Craig, I enjoyed the Hungry Inch’s good humor and appealing humility.

    Looking forward to your next episode with intro music.

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