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10 things I hate about you

Posted by Hedwig on April 26, 2009

We ended up watching this movie at the ladies’ night… and no, I’m not gonna attack it. In fact we watched it from my very own DVD of it, and it’s by far my favorite high school rom-com.

I’m not quite sure why I kind of love this movie, despite not being a fan at all of its genre. Maybe it’s because it treats making you laugh as a main goal instead of an afterthought. Maybe it’s because the main character doesn’t get a make-over, or become popular – and that it’s not her goal, either. But to be honest, it also probably has a lot to do with the fact that when I first saw it (about 8 times), I was a non-conformist outsider in high school, and I had a much prettier, much more popular younger sister.


3 Responses to “10 things I hate about you”

  1. lanechka said

    Oooh, what does it say about me that this movie is on my most-watched-evah list? That I love Shakespeare? Who cares! I’d watch it with The Prince and Me any day!

  2. For the record..

    I haven’t seen TTIHAY for quite a few years. But I still think that it’s a precious, brilliantly coloured gem. It’s tremendously witty (even in its sarcastic moments – which are many).

    Christ, what girl hasn’t fantasized about a glorious babe like Heath serenading her from the bleachers???


    And who are you trying to kid, Hedwig? Your little sister might have been the real deal.

    But who could possibly be better looking and more popular than YOU…?

  3. I know I shouldn’t, because I’m a guy, but I quite like ’10 Things..’ – I guess it’s just really, easily watchable. Which is no bad thing.

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