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The Road Warrior (aka. Mad Max 2)

Posted by Hedwig on May 5, 2009

wezfaceoffSome-no, let’s make that many- movies need an ideal setting to thrive in. While Casablanca is nice on the big screen, it’s even better while snuggling on the couch with a lover. I recently saw Singin’ in the Rain in a cinema, on a slightly rainy Sunday morning which had cleared up by the time the movie ended, and that was pretty much perfect. And I can’t imagine a better setting for a first watching of The Road Warrior than a slightly grungy place in Amsterdam, where smoking (including pot) is not just allowed but even encouraged, with a rambling but fascinating introduction by a true movie enthusiast, director Martin Koolhoven.

It was pretty much awesome.

Even more awesome? His introduction of the “surprise movie” that prompted the inclusion of Mad Max 2 in this movie night, the theme being “sequels better than the original….by George Miller”. It was this one, which I’ve been very curious about since reading this. Alas, I could not stay (had to get home, and had work the next day), but I’m planning on watching it with a few of the b/f pothead housemates sometime soon.

As for The Road Warrior, I don’t really have much to say about it, beyond that the costumes are hilarious, the direction is over-the-top but perfectly suited to the theme, and that I wish today’s mindless action movie (eg. Wolverine) had as much panache. Oh, and go read this.

(I know, not quite back to insightful, in-depth reviews and analyses. Getting there though. Give me time.)

2 Responses to “The Road Warrior (aka. Mad Max 2)”

  1. Kaj said

    Thanks for that link. Oh, and compared to Wolverine, Mad Max 2 is all but mindless. I doubt that Wolverine will ever inspire this kind of analysis.

  2. stooge said

    This is my favorite piece on THE ROAD WARRIOR. Goes very indepth in an unusual way. I think your linked to this blog:

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