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Justified S03E04 – The Devil You Know

Posted by Hedwig on February 10, 2012

Ah Devil. We hardly knew ye.

This week, Justified focused on the season’s big plot… only to reveal that it might not have been the big plot after all, and introducing a new twist in the story. The money stashed at Limehouse’s Holler turned out to be  only a coupl’a thousand instead of the 3+ million everyone had counted on, effectively rendering it moot as the season’s McGuffin – although I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Limehouse, yet.

But let’s wind back a little. The big development was that Dickie (and, sort of accidentally, Dewey) got busted out of jail by the money-hungry guard and his pal, the creepy doctor. Bad idea, especially since Raylan’s bright enough to ask Boyd for information, and not above using his car as a weapon.

The plot in itself wasn’t much – we’ve seen dumb wannabe criminals before on Justified – but it offered quite a few opportunities for Raylan to be world-weary and bad-ass (Rachel wasn’t too shabby, either), and it gave us the first hint of what the rest of the season will be about: organ harvesting/trafficking. A nice change from all the drug business we saw so far, and apparently also a plot point in Elmore Leonard’s recently published novel “Raylan”. Having Dewey as the first victim is also a good move: he’s hapless enough to make it plausible for him to be in this predicament, but you never want anything too bad to happen to him.

Which brings me to Devil – just as stupid, but more malevolent. Making a move against Boyd by enlisting Johnny’s help? Clearly not a very bright idea, but you can see how the Carpetbagger*’s appeal to his vanity and ambition would lead him in that direction. It’s not exactly a surprise when the tables are turned, but it is a welcome reminder that Boyd is a bad guy, something that’s easy to forget, what with Goggins’  charisma and the introspective speeches he gets. He has a good justification for killing Devil – who was preparing to shoot him, after all – but the way he does it is frightfully calm. That he almost comforts him before delivering a mercy shot only makes it more chilling.

*apparently the monicker for Neal McDonough’s villain. His real last name’s apparently Quarles, but I don’t think it’s come up in the show so far.

One final note: what are we to make of Raylan’s visit to Loretta? Sure, he was there to get information, but there would have been other ways for him to find out where the money was. She’s still more than capable of keeping up with him, even outwitting him, but I’m curious if this was a one-time appearance or if she’ll play a role of significance in the rest of the season.

Finally, by Kaj’s request, the line/line-reading of the week (again by Boyd): “I sense a disturbance in the force”. Who’s have thought Boyd was a Star Wars nerd?


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