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Justified S03E05 – Thick as Mud

Posted by Hedwig on February 18, 2012

One thing has to be said for this season: I have no idea where it’s going. Last week, I thought that the big-pot-of-money-at-the-Holler plot had been shelved, at least for now, and replaced by a plot about organ trafficking. This week, however, the organ trafficking plot was resolved, and there were hints that the money would be back in play sooner rather than later.

The resolution of the trafficking plot, though? Pretty damn satisfying. Seeing Dewey frantically rampaging through town looking for the 10k to buy back his kidneys was both very funny (loved the anti-swearing convenience shop owner) and oddly poignant, with sudden detours into horrifying, leading to one of the two brutal beatings in the episode. And the ending was just perfect: first we have, in a neat twist on the CRANK formula, Raylan accurately guessing that it’d probably be easier to make Dewey think his kidneys were gone than to really extract them, and then we get Raylan firing* a gun through a corpse right into the very surprised blonde nurse.

Medical personnel was very prominent in this episode. Boyd subtly threatened one of Quarles’  suppliers to deliver the oxy to him, instead, and together with brutal beating #2 (of Quarles’ underling), this lead to the first confrontation between these two big bads. It was fascinating to see them feel each other out: we know Boyd is not quite sure he can take the guy, but he does, in a strange way, seem to feel morally superior to the “Carpetbagger”, and he clearly enjoys showing him that he’s not a backwards hick (swapping quotations). Now that a collaboration has been offered and refused, there will definitely be a showdown at some point, and I can’t wait.

Finally, the women. Ava – looking considerably more weathered than in the first season – casts her lot with Boyd once and for all, while Winona seems to have given up on Raylan. I have to say, I’m not sure the latter is a bad thing, as the Winona scenes never really added much to the proceedings, but I somehow doubt that it’s permanent. And admittedly, I was rather looking forward to seeing Raylan with a cooing baby in his arms, hat firmly affixed on his head.

Line (and line reading) of the week goes to the hero of the episode, Dewey Crowe: “You mean I’ve got FOUR kidneys?”

*for the first time this season, if I’m not mistaken (outside a firing range, that is), and it’s not even his own gun. It’s been interesting to see that he’s started taking care of things in other ways, even if those ways occasionally include running people over. Twice.


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