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Angelina Jolie’s leg

Posted by Hedwig on February 29, 2012

So, everyone’s in a huff, because of this:



It was mocked (brilliantly, imho) right away by Jim Rash, adopting a similar pose when accepting his screenwriting Oscar, many twitters and tumblr’s were born, etc. And the concern trolling started: cries that she should eat a sammich/cheeseburger – always either of those two, somehow – speculations about drugs and/or a mental breakdown, designations of “Most Try“.


Everyone just seems so… peeved. My pet theory? People expect women (or at least “hot” women, and glamorous stars in particular) to perform femininity and sex appeal – but they don’t want to know it’s a performance. Kind of like women are expected to look flawless without revealing any of the effort it requires. Jolie made the performance aspect of it undeniable, glaring even, and the backlash is immediate: she “tries too hard”, and (burn!) isn’t-all-that-sexy-anyway-look-how-bony-ugh.

As a not-really-conventionally-pretty* girl not employed in the entertainment industry, I have the luxury of opting out of a lot of the performance elements – I never wear make-up, for instance, and few people will even notice if I show up to work in a hoodie. Jolie, for obvious reasons, can’t (remember the time Julia Roberts forgot to shave under her armpits?). Her bankability and perceived employability depend on her looking the part of a sex symbol. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the photographers actually asked her to show her leg on that red carpet, as appears to be the case – and her response was both hilarious and, in its way, subversive.


*note: I like the way I look, and this is in no way to be interpreted as a call for re-assurance.



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