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Justified S03E07 – The Man Behind the Curtain

Posted by Hedwig on March 6, 2012

Note: breaking news! We’re definitely getting a 4th season!

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been watching those GAME OF THRONES promos too much, but I’ve been thinking about power again. Two new players are introduced this week, and they provide two new perspectives on how to wield – or not wield – power.

Let’s start with Sammy Tonin. Might he be the Man of the title, or does it refer to his father?  The only strings Tonin seems to pull are the purse ones, and – partly because he clearly got to where he is by being the boss’ son, instead of on merit – he doesn’t have anybody’s respect. Quarles snarls at him, and Raylan pushes him around, surprised at how easy it is.

Still, money is a pretty efficient way of exercising power, and Quarles can’t really do much about it. He uses money himself, too, to buying some power in the form of a sheriff. But even the kind of power provided by a badge isn’t invulnerable either: the sheriff compromises it by jumping the gun on shutting Boyd’s bar down, instead of waiting for re-election. Since Boyd is not stupid, the sheriff won’t be running unopposed much longer.

All in all, this was very much a middle-of-the-season episode, with lots of plot elements clicking in place, but nothing really big happening, and nothing getting resolved. It’s full of satisfying moments, though: Raylan’s pestering of Tim (which will probably come bite him in the ass), a nice appearance by Stephen Tobolowski, Boyd and Limehouse testing the boundaries of their new alliance, Arlo’s mental deterioration, and of course: the return of Gary, a failure even on the motivational circuit. Poor schmuck. Somehow, I doubt he’s long for this world.

A short round-up, then, since I really had trouble finding things to say without being able to put this episode in the big picture just yet. I am really looking forward to seeing all the various pieces that have been set-up so far converge and -probably- explode.

Chilling line-reading of the week: Wynn’s “Can’t paint over bloodstains.” Brrr.

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