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Justified S03E08 – Watching the Detectives

Posted by Hedwig on March 13, 2012

It’s still not intentional, but I’m kind of liking writing these recaps just before the next episode airs. It gives my impressions a chance to settle, and it invariably makes me psyched to see what’s next – even if, like last week, the episode kind of fizzles out.

Well, that’s not really true. The episode’s plot fizzles out, with Raylan rather easily wriggling out of both traps sprung on him, but the conversation between Raylan and Wynn Duffy toward the end of the ep if simply brilliant. You could show just that scene to anyone who doesn’t yet watch Justified and make them a convert – that’s how cool and well-written it is. Well-performed, too, and it even plays a valuable role in the ongoing plot, showing Duffy’s not quite been declawed yet, and that we shouldn’t count him out amidst this season’s proliferation of villains.

Back to those traps: poor Raylan’s suddenly suspected both of Gary’s murder and of corruption, with easily impressed Lexington cops after him for the former (“that might be the coolest thing I ever laid ears on!”) and a decidedly less friendly Stephen Tobolowski enlisting David Vasquez to nail him for the latter. Despite some astonishing stupidity on Raylan’s part (he’s got a witness who saw someone dicking around with his car, so his plan to get a potential gun out before the cops find it is really not smart), and the fact that his oh-so-cool threat against Duffy from a few eps ago coming back to bite him in the ass, the murder charge never poses much of a threat, though. The corruption charge is trickier, especially since Raylan and Boyd have been on roughly the same side a lot lately, and since Art’s not-quite-by-the-book behavior in the second episode of the season (another nice callback) prevents him from being much help. For now, the dubiousness of his source keeps Tobolowski at bay, but I doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

Raylan’s not the only one getting framed. I’ll admit, this one surprised me: when a bomb goes of in the corrupt sheriff’s car, I doubted Boyd would resort to such a blunt solution to his problem, but I didn’t immediately guess the sheriff set it all up himself. It’s quite clever – it allows him to arrest Boyd and to discredit his new opponent at the same time.

But the highlight of the episode, bar none, has to be the conversation between Raylan and Wynn Duffy. That’s the stuff I keep coming back for – sure, I’m interested to see what strange jumps Quarles will make, especially now that Limehouse has aligned himself with him, and to find out how Boyd gets himself out of this predicament. But the dialogues? That’s what I remember, and what I look forward to.

Line (and line-reading) of the week. “Are you accusing me of being a fake blond?”, or maybe “I think they disproved that on Mythbusters.” And just in case you doubt the importance of delivery… click here.


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