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Justified S03E09 – Loose Ends

Posted by Hedwig on March 20, 2012

We’re heading into the home stretch, and JUSTIFIED knocked another one out of the park. Without further ado, let’s get to all the disparate elements that came together here.

The most fascinating plot for me was the culmination of Ava’s descent (or should that be ascent?) to criminality. Of course, she never was a defenseless damsel – she killed her husband before the events of the pilot, after all. She kills again, here, but to defend someone else (Ellen May, one of several “loose ends” in the episode) – and without any remorse or hesitation. That’s not all – she decides that all the local prostitutes could use a better boss. She’ll be their madam – and it’ll be interesting to see how long she can do that before losing the conscience that led her to that decision in the first place.

Secondly, we have one of Limehouse’s loose ends, or rather one of his subordinate’s. Dude wasn’t too smart (I mean, stealing back what you paid for a bomb hardly seems like the best way to assure you won’t be linked to it), but he didn’t quite deserve this ending: having to stand on a landmine for hours, a dead body at your feet, only to have it go off anyway. I was sad to see the bomb-maker go so soon, but the subplot was very satisfying, especially with the added irony that the Tanner’s death ends up linking back to Limehouse more clearly than anything else could have.

Speaking of: the body count is really high this season. 3 guys this episode alone – but none of them killed by Raylan.


Finally, we have the speech. Boyd’s released from prison as a consequence of plot #2, and he crashes the sheriff’s election debate with verve. Goggins hasn’t quite been given an opportunity like this yet this season, and he shows he’s still got it: he preaches, he shouts, he swaggers – and if Napier wins now, it’ll certainly be suspicious.

Odds and ends abound. We see Quarles try to get along with Limehouse. We see Boyd deal with Ava’s actions, surprised, but not a little impressed. There was the great scene in which Raylan attempts to interrogate Tanner’s old mother. And the final scene, where Raylan confronts Limehouse but gets a bit more than he bargains for when the latter bares his teeth, is chilling.

The dominos are all in place. I can’t wait to see them fall.

Line of the week: Quarles’ “Mr. Limehouse, I’m sure you didn’t invite me up here to discuss the sociology of baked goods.”


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