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My Week in Pop Culture – Week 20

Posted by Hedwig on May 21, 2012

Last week was filled with social and other activities, and thus little time was left for Pop Culture. Most of the time I had was spent on twitter, following #Cannes tweets (so nice to have all those American bloggers in my time zone…), and as a result deciding to re-animate my old twitter account, changing the name to @HedInTheCloud. I’m also experimenting with #GetGlue as a way to tweet what I’m doing, though the sticker thing I can’t seem to disable is a bother, and it might be easier to just tweet directly, without a third party app. We’ll see.


These posts will thus become more focused, talking about just one or two things I saw/read/consumer. This week: HEADHUNTERS, a Norwegian thriller about an art thief/headhunter who gets into trouble, which I went to see in the cinema by myself on Saturday night. I rather like going to the movies solo, but I was also happy that the screening room was rather full, since it’s a movie that profits from the laughs and “ewwww”‘s of an audience – could have done without the two middle aged ladies constantly asking each other what was happening, though. And it’s not like the movie is complex – it’s quite neatly constructed, as a matter of fact.

What I liked most about the movie is that the protagonist starts out so despicable (shallow, self-absorbed, manipulative, hypocritical, insecure – you name it) that you look forward to Nicolaj Coster-Waldau going all Jaime Lannister on his ass…. and then the man gets so systematically broken down from all directions in all different ways, stripped to the bone and covered in shit, that you kind of start feeling for him despite everything, maybe even rooting for him. The violence in this movie really hurts, which can’t be said for most  action movies, like for instance the other film I went to see in the cinema this weekend, SAFE. I’m not saying that’s inherently better – I rather enjoy mindless cartoon violence every once in a while – but it’s nice  that both exist. 


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