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What was making me happy last week – geeky things in week 25

Posted by Hedwig on July 1, 2012

(I started writing this post last sunday, but didn’t finish and then got crazy busy. As in, the only night I didn’t have anything planned was Wednesday, and I picked sleeping over the other things I wanted/needed to do. Belatedly, then, last week’s post, about DOCTOR WHO and A GAME OF THRONES. Oh, and note to potential employers: I swear I’m much better at keeping to externally imposed deadlines. I never want to disappoint other people – but disappointing myself, eh. Been there, etc.)

Two geeky things were making me happy last week, a sci-fi show and a fantasy book: DOCTOR WHO and A Game of Thrones.

Doctor Who because I watched the last three episodes of the first season (of New Who) this week, and can’t wait to see the rest, even if it’s too bad Eccleston will not be returning. I love the lightness of the show, and the corniness of the effects that turned me off when I first caught an episode a few years back has grown on me.

That episode was the eighth of this season, “Father’s Day”, and I skipped it this time around. The reason is makes for a lousy introduction is that it’s one of the few (of this season) that grapples with time-travelling paradoxes head-on, and well… it’s not (again, so far) one of the things the show does best. Many of the plots of other episodes could have been solved if the TARDIS just went back to some earlier time with the information gathered later, and the show is better off when it’s simply ignoring those options, instead of finding weak explanations of why they are forbidden. And I like the show better if I don’t spend time worrying about those things.

do think it’s a bit disappointing that despite the Tardis’ time-and-SPACE capabilities, most episodes take place on Earth, most of them even in England, most of those in London. I loved the introduction of the huge period-garb wardrobe in the Dickens episode, but it hasn’t been brought up since. I’m hoping later seasons play with this a bit more.

Last week was also the week I finally tackled the first book of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, and while I’d intended to stretch it out, reading a few chapters at a time before bed, that plan went out the window pretty quickly: a long wait to get a haircut got me to page 150 or so, and I spent Saturday interrupting my reading only for exercise and dinner. This despite the fact that the first season of the show follows the book rather closely, meaning that I already knew most of the story beats: somehow it was hugely satisfying (not to mention addictive) to immerse myself in that world, hearing its characters talk, with many more details getting filled in and a tighter weave to the fabric of Westeros. I’ve now started book two, and again I intend to pace myself, but we’ll see.

I’m still debating whether to read on. So far, I’ve enjoyed seeing the show first and reading the more in-depth version later, with the visuals of the show in the back of my mind, helping me ‘see’ what happens more clearly. Still, I also really want to know what happens next, and I’ve already run into a few book spoilers, so I might just forge ahead … only, of course, to be frustrated by the wait until the next book instead of the one for the next season.

Soon: what made me happy this week.


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