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Podcasting – let’s try this again

Posted by Hedwig on March 8, 2009

Ok, as promised: the boyfriend and I made a podcast. It’s still a little amateurish, but the sound quality is already quite a bit better than my first attempt, and: you can either listen to it live, here, or even subscribe using iTunes by adding this feed. We should get an intro music soon, and things ought to get smoother later, but until then: a ten minute discussion about Watchmen. Enjoy!

Listen to this episode


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Testing, testing: Podcasting, ep. 0

Posted by Hedwig on September 11, 2008

Being on the radio has always been a dream of mine. I don’t know why (radio isn’t a very glamorous medium, and its death has been predicted every once in a while for decades), but I liked the idea of sitting in a booth, your voice going out, live, to all those unknown people sitting in their cars, houses, etc.

I’ve been considering trying my hand at podcasting for some time, and now that I’ve gotten my very own tech-savvy at-risk youth (aka. my lovely, geeky boyfriend), I finally took the leap. This one is just a prototype, 2,5 minutes of me babbling about my controversial Wanted review on, but I’d like to start in earnest soon.

Weirdly enough I felt a bit nervous, talking to myself. It’s strange, since I work as a tour guide on the tour boats in the city, speaking sometimes before 80 people, and I’m never nervous about that. But there, nothing is recorded, nothing can be listened to again and again and again until you notice every annoying inflection, every verbal tic, every mistake.

Apparently, you can only upload audio files on WordPress if you get a storage space upgrade. I might do that soon, but for now, the file can be found here. I still need to figure out many of the details (how to find legal music and insert it, how to allow for a subscription on iTunes etc.), but at least the first step has been made.

Let me know what you think!

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