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Posted by Hedwig on June 1, 2012

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PROMETHEUS (Scott, 2012) – I was planning to unleash some snark about how inconsistent and poorly thought-through the science in PROMETHEUS was, but someone’s already done that for me (warning: VERY spoilery). I was going to refer to one of the actors as “a poor man’s Tom Hardy”, but that’s apparently not very original either.

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My week in Pop Culture – Week 21

Posted by Hedwig on May 27, 2012

It was yet another week heavier on social activities than on pop culture. I did read quite a bit: Swamplandia!, reviewed here, some of the short stories that make up the back half of I Am Legend, the beginning of Burrough’s first Tarzan book, and I finally progressed further with Cosmopolis, because it turns out I’m going to the press screening on Wednesday.

The only movies I saw were re-watches: MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, which was just as bubbly and fun as the first time around (with the exception of the segment with the earrings), and the second half of the director’s cut of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. We’d watched the first half several weeks ago, but while the director’s cut is better than the theatrical one, it is also really, really long.

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