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The Dark Knight Rises, comics, and… Magic Mike?

Posted by Hedwig on July 22, 2012

No “what’s making me happy” this week, since what I really want to talk about is the new Batman movie, and it unfortunately didn’t make me very happy. I hesitated to write this post because of the violent response to early negative (or not positive enough) reviews, but by now the virulent fan boys have seen the movie, and they’ve been much quieter since…

Note: a minor spoiler for The Dark Knight occurs further in the text. I’ll warn beforehand.

For me, the film illustrated how valuable film criticism can be. See, I liked, but didn’t love, the first two batman films, BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT. There was plenty to admire – many of the performances, with Heath Ledger’s joker as a stand-out; the fact that Gotham became a tangible place; the sheer scope of the thing, the epic scale. But I never really got into them, never really managed to lose myself in the films, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on the why. I knew that part of it was that the themes were stated over and over, and that the film mistook being dour and “dark” for being intellectual and deep, but that wasn’t everything.

Then I read many of Jim Emerson‘s many pieces about the films, and it clicked. Read the rest of this entry »


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Lost in the mist

Posted by Hedwig on February 18, 2008

One of the reasons (read: excuses) I haven’t posted once a day like I resolved is that all of a sudden, I seem to have developed a rather active social life. Yeah, I don’t know how that happened either. Anyhow, this means I did not watch a movie tonight, but went to a very nice café that has live music on Mondays. Why is this relevant? It isn’t really, but when I came out of the café the world had turned magical. Like a fairy tale, like my friend V. said. There was fog everywhere, rising up from the street, and the view of the old canal with beautiful, wiry old trees on both sides and the reflection of the old-fashioned streetlights in the water was simply amazing, and we could even hear the bells in the distance. As I biked under the Dom, looking up and not seeing the top, barely even being able to discern the clock (unfortunately, it was 5 past midnight. 5 minutes earlier would have truly made it perfect), it felt like I stepped right into a movie.

Which got me to thinking: what are the best fog scenes ever made? Or rather, what are your favorite misty scenes? I’ll start, and take the obvious off the table: the final scene of Casablanca remains one of the most powerful end scenes ever filmed, no matter how often it’s been parodied. Soderbergh did his best in the Good German, but he didn’t even get close.

Dear readers, the floor is open to you now, and I’m looking forward to your reactions!

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