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2011 in review – pt.1 (new films & cinema visits)

Posted by Hedwig on December 31, 2011

I made a resolution this year: I would watch one new-to-me film a day on average, and I would write at least one sentence about every single film I saw. I managed both goals: I saw 389 films this year, of which only 12 were re-watches, and I wrote them all up here. It was a great experience, exploring both the cannon and more obscure entries, deepening my knowledge of noir, trying to acclimatize myself to horror, and getting back into the habit of writing.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely I’ll equal this achievement next year: my thesis is due around August 1st, and I don’t expect to have a lot of spare time in the next six months. Knowing this only makes me more grateful that I made the time for movies this year.

I plan to do (at least) two year in review posts. This one focuses on the new films I saw, ranking them all, and will close with some statistics about my cinema visits.

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For Your Consideration

Posted by Hedwig on January 19, 2008

I know, I know, I generally stay away from awards hoopla. And really, I have long ago stopped really caring about the Oscars. But I’m facing a lack in content (my editor reminded me that since filmtotaal gives me the opportunity to go to screenings, I should write about them there, first, and much as I hate to admit it, he has a point there), and I’m afraid that the AMPAS will do what it always does, and leave out some of the worthier candidates.

I know, I know, nomination ballots are in already, but hey, it’s not like my little blog was going to have any influence, anyway. And I’m not saying the people and films mentioned here should win. But I think they definitely deserve a nomination, and will almost certainly be overlooked. One per category. Read the rest of this entry »

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My Dutch top 10

Posted by Hedwig on January 9, 2008

N.B. I am still going to post an official top 10. This is the one I had to hand in for my job, without the comments because I’m too lazy to translate. It’s a top 10 of movies released in 2007 in the Netherlands, which means that No Country For Old Men, I’m Not There and The Darjeeling Limited, amongst others, were not eligible

Honorable mentions: Michael Clayton; Little Children; Paris, je t’aime; 2 Days in Paris; A Prairie Home Companion.

10. Das Leben Der Anderen (the Lives of Others)
9. El Laberinto Del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
8. Control
7. The Bourne Ultimatum (yes, I know. Kind of unsure about this one. But I do believe that this piece of pure-adrenaline film making will be hard to beat)
6. Zodiac

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